Aviontive LLP

Get an app for your idea

Why an app?

An app helps to optmize your business and make it more efficient. It also helps to reach out to more people and make your business more accessible. Having your own app is a great way to make your business stand out from the rest.

Web apps

Android apps

iOS apps

1. Plan

Initially we will have a meeting to discuss your idea and how you want your app to look like. We then create a plan for your app and discuss it with our team. Then our team of developers will start brainstroming on your app's techinical aspects.

2. Prototype

Once the plan is made, we will start working on the prototype of your app. We will create a prototype of your app. We will then discuss and make changes if needed.

3. Develop

After the prototype phase, we will start developing your app. Multiple cycles will be followed to make sure that your app is bug free and works as expected.

4. Deploy

Once it's developed, the app will be tested with multiple devices and platforms. Once it's tested, it will be deployed as per the requiement.

The tech stack