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Accented - Microblogging and petitioning platform

A platform for all social activists

About the product

It is a Micro-blogging and petition raising platform, this is now being trusted and used by 500+ users. • If there are any public issues like Human rights, Animal welfare, Environmental cause etc…., the user can raise this as a Petition and make it available for other users to sign the petition and support the issue • While raising the petition, the user will select the category and maximum target i.e. No. Supporters required • After posting the petition, it will be sent for a 3 Level verification to our verification team (will be hired in the near future) • After reaching the required target, the petition will be sent as a Notification or as a Message to the respective Government officials which will be shortlisted based on the type of the issue and prioritized accordingly • Also, users can Share their ideas, visions and creatives with photos and videos • It will be in the form of a Microblog (a short description within 600 characters) Advantages of using our platform: • Our platform is easy to use and can be accessed easily trough any Android mobile • Our platform makes people aware of public and social issues • Also, it makes things happen in a contactless manner • Our platform is completely different from the existing Govt. petition raising portals, as the Govt. portals are meant for personal petitions whereas our platform makes it for a social issue where the public will be known of the issue and can support the particular issue by signing the petition